Board of Directors & Founder

2017-2018 Board of Directors:

David A. Kenney, President
Paul Damiano, Vice-President
Meyer G. Koplow, Vice-President
Jeanne Landry, Vice-President
Jennifer Gaudette, Treasurer
Sara Martineau, Secretary
Dan Salomon, Immediate Past President

Neil Brody
George (Kit) Carter
Mary Jane Chase
Luther-John Deutsch
Lore Moran Dodge
Rick Farrar, Alumni Liaison
Gibbs Murray, Co-founder

If you would like information about the Board of Directors, please send an email to the Managing Director.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Of course, the Weathervane’s very existence is due to GIBBS MURRAY, who cofounded the Theatre in 1966 with the late Tom Haas (see History).  For every summer since 1966, Gibbs has been an integral part of all things Weathervane.

GibbsSiteBAs a young man, Murray brought artistry and considerable theatre experience onstage and off.  A faculty member at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, he would eventually retire as Chair of the Display and Design Department having made an indelible mark on more students than can be counted.  And for every summer since 1966, it has been his artistry and singular design that have defined the look and style of the Weathervane.  Thousands of alumni staff and audience members instantly recognize the ‘look’ of our productions, all guided by his inestimable talent and vision and his presence onstage and off is felt by every successive Company and each summer’s audience.  You can see Gibbs in every drawing, his influence in each intricate stage design and of course you can see him yourself each and every summer at the Theatre.