2017 Grand Trip

Raffle17LogoThe 2017/Season 52 Grand Raffle sent winner Clara Ossorio and husband Javier Cardenas on a Broadway adventure in October.  Here are some highlights from their trip!

raffle17-nyc-site-aThey arrived absolutely bubbling over about their weekend:

“There’re no words to describe it!” They LOVED every bit of it, starting with their penthouse hotel room (with view of the Empire State Building) secured by John Wissler: they said they thought at first it must be a mistake.

Then, the shows: “it just kept getting better!”

raffle17-nyc-CoupleJavier described sitting in the orchestra Saturday night at HELLO DOLLY thinking, “Bette Midler, David Hyde Pierce, pinch me, I’m here!”

They loved the signed posters and had such fun on the backstage tours.

raffle17-nyc-brenda-aThe LION KING tour was with WV ’95 alumna Brenda O’Brien, who does that show’s extraordinary makeup.

Best quote, from Javier: “I’m telling you, the Weathervane, with all that you do in New Hampshire, with less money, you do shows that EQUAL Broadway: the productions, the quality of the artists and singers and dancers! Every bit as good!”

To which Clara added, “I’ve brought friends to see shows at the Weathervane, and they said ‘I had no idea you have such good theater here!’ and I said, ‘Yes we do!’”

raffle17-nyc-wGibjac-aThey had the most wonderful time.  In addition to the raffle prizes, they just had a lovely autumn weekend in New York, riding in a pedicab, attending mass at St. Patrick’s on Sunday –and caught up with Weathervane artistic director and co-founder . . . Clara Osorio & Javier Cardenas met at Sardi’s with Gibbs & Jacques — for a farewell toast on Sunday afternoon.

raffle17-nyc-clara-bAnd from Sardi’s, they were running off to see CATS and to meet their older son, who was taking the train in from Princeton to get together.  It was a “grand” weekend all around — and a stunning and memorable weekend for raffle winner, Clara Ososrio.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Season 52 raffle with a purchase of the limited 400 tickets to this grand event – your support is well appreciated by all.


Thanks to Margaret Manos for photos and text used for this special feature post.