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Investing support with the Weathervane IS good business:  thousands of visitors see our Program each summer, and your Program ad will be seen by all of them and more.  Keep in mind that nearly 2/3 of our audience members consider themselves residents of the North Country, travelling in a 50 mile or so radius from permanent or seasonal homes . . . the services and goods they will look to are right here in the region, and you should be, too.

2017 Program Advertising: Plan ahead and include the Weathervane in your annual advertising budget.  Businesses can select a range of space and rate options – and  Program Advertisers are be invited to a special preview performance of each Season’s opening Mainstage show.  Prepaid discount pricing in effect through April 20.

2017 Program Advertising rates:  AdvCont2017site

We also offer a sponsorship/marketing package called “First Night.”
  Your investment covers sole, acknowledged sponsorship of one of the Mainstage productions – including twenty tickets for yourselves/guests to celebrate the opening night of ‘your’ show; a full page ad in the summer Program; a year-long weblink as a Partner & Sponsor on our site – and more.  We also include your sponsorship attribution in our own advertising for the sponsored show.

Learn more: FirstNightInfoSheet for 2017:  FirstNightInfoSite2017
Contact Lyn Osborne Winter for details, <>