Intern Program

Instituted in 1991, the Weathervane Theatre INTERN EXPERIENCE is an educational and performance program offering an unparalleled opportunity to further advance skills and knowledge in professional theatre.

The Weathervane Intern Program (WIP) is a tuition-based, total immersion experience of practical theatre arts training.  WIPs live, work, learn and play alongside the professional actors and staff and perform in original children’s theatre and Mainstage productions throughout the season.  WIP participants may choose to earn up to 9 Equity Membership Candidate (EMC) credits.  InternProgSiteWestSide-b

Enrollment is competitively based for the ten (10) positions and prospective WIP members are first seen at regional auditions in New York City (A1 AuditionsStraw Hats), the Twin Cities (TCUTAs), and Boston (NETC Auditions).  The casting team also attends the NHPTA auditions in New Hampshire and receives applications and inquiries from college-aged and enrolled theatre students from across the country. The document at the link below provides some additional information.

2019 Weathervane Theatre Internship Program

The WIP experience focuses on the craft and techniques practiced for more than 50 years of the Weathervane Theatre’s open staging and signature alternating repertory.  Workshops, private coaching, dance instruction and master classes are part of the curriculum.

The intensive performance schedule includes WIP sole responsibility for the Patchwork Players children’s theatre shows and ensemble roles in several Mainstage musicals.  This very intensive and educational experience often leads to post-Weathervane roles in regional and national tours, as many WIP alumni will attest.

“Being an intern for Season 52 in 2017 truly changed me as a performer.  I went back to school confident in my abilities and ready to take on any challenge because of how quickly each show had to be learned.  If you can learn a show in a week and then also keep that show in your mind while you’re performing four others, you truly feel unstoppable!  And that is how being an intern made me feel.  Not only do I still feel unstoppable but I also made lifelong friends and connections in both the intern and professional companies.  It was such an incredible experience that I auditioned again this past year and will be joining the professional company for Season 53!  A summer as a Weathervane Intern really is an unforgettable one.”

Colin McCarthy, Intern 2017 and Professional Company Member 2018